This is my private blog, dedicated to politics, football, feminism and stuff. Those are things I do, I think, read and talk about most of my time in real life.

The name is more than a nickname: Elisasdóttir is my matronymic name. Most well-known from Iceland, the patronymic name system has also a long history in jewish communities. The matronymic system has elements of exclusion, since it was usually given to children of unmarried women, excluded from society. But it has by then become a feminist alternative to the patronymic name system, which remains a manifestation of the patriarchial society. And – by the way, it is a fantastic nickname.

This work by Elisasdóttir is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Germany License. If you think I used any content which I may not to, give me a hint via email.

Contact: elisasdottir-et-gmx-at.

I do not exercise editional control over the information you may find in linked websites. Therefore I do not take any responsibility for that content.


I decided to open this blog for commenting. This way it will be more like a blog and not lacking its interactive function. But even though I am not planning to censor I abide some behaviour of all commentators. I do not accept any kind of harrasment, discrimination and personal diffarmation. You can answer to post, but relate to the topic of the post. This is  my blog, I decide.


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